full service music & sound design studiO

Yama-nui Recording Studios offers a wide range of professional services to the music industry including Recording, Arranging, Producing, Mixing & Mastering, as well as ‘dry room hire’ of the studio, Composition, Sound Design, Film Soundtrack & Jingle Recording Services. We also offer a world class team of professional studio session musicians you can book to perform on your recording.

Drawing from 25 years of top level recording, arranging and performing experience, as well as having close working relationships with some of Australia’s finest musicians, Yama-nui Recording studio can craft any style and mood of music to suit. The studio also features a projector & screen in the main recording room for custom soundtrack recordings.

Visit YAMA-NUI Soundcloud to listen and license existing recordings from the Yama-Nui family. With an ever growing catalogue of music (100% owned by the artists) feel free to dig through our crate to find the gold..



  • Our Live Room & Small Room both feature fresh air vents which pump oxygen to you 24/7 through external soundproof silencer boxes to enhance recording focus & mental longevity.
  • Full AirCon throughout.
  • Carefully designed modular acoustic treatment for recording flexibility.
  • 40 input paths + room to room ‘in out & through’ XLR, TRS and SPEAKON connections giving the option to record in any large band format utilising all 4 isolated rooms (5 with the bathroom!)
  • Digital hearback system with individual control hubs feeding each player a customisable 8 channel mix for comfort & productivity
  • Extensive collection of vintage microphones, instruments and equipment to capture the gold..
  • Universal Audio ‘Apollo’ recording system + much more ..
  • Outdoor chill space with treetop & hinterland views, BBQ and firepit, amongst permaculture gardens.

We’ve worked with some of the best in the business